Outstanding features for your customers

to keep them coming back



Order from website mobile or desktop
Order from facebook/instagram
Order from app


Add Multiple delivery addresses
Pin location by GPS
Check coverage areas


Save favorite items
Customize items with precision
Save items customizations


Schedule an order
Re-order previous orders
Pay online or on delivery


Get status updates by push and email
Live chat with customer service
Rate delivery service


Get free items on first orders
Get coupons and discounts
Get top-up recommendations on orders


Spoonstream Order management

  • Manage orders
  • Edit menus and customisations
  • Edit branches and coverage areas
  • Push news and promos to customers
  • Provide live chat support
  • Get order notification on desktop and tablet
  • Create coupons and promotions
  • Share delivery location with drivers
  • Get detailed insights and reports
  • Get service quality metrics
  • Grow your customer's loyalty

    Increase your delivery orders by up to 20%

    What you will get

    Online orders from your facebook/instagram

    Receive orders directly from your facebook or instagram. Add a shop now button on your page and posts.

    Online orders from web

    Get your own URL or domain for web ordering. Your users will be able to order through any mobile or desktop browser.

    Your own apps on
    app stores

    We compile and publish ordering apps for you.


    Your own brand's logos, icons and colors.


    Online payment Gateway

    Add an online payment to your package. We can integrate Paypal, Pinpay, your bank's payment gateway or any other provider api. A one time setup fee may apply.

    SMS packages

    SMS are an essential part for user's authenticity verification. We offer the first 200 sms messages for free. Additional sms packages can be bought in bulk depending on your expected customer growth.

    Marketing material and consultancy

    We will advise your marketing team on successful digital, print, and social media tactics. We offer pre-designed marketing materials templates to help you better promote your app.